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The Sea

Jump into the dark black sea
And cleanse me of these thoughts
I’ll swim deep down
To never be found

The sea is where I’m meant to be

Maybe I’ll live in a cave
Or bury myself in the sand
Someday I’ll dive down
I’ll explore the deepest of deep

The sea is where I’m meant to be

When the seas are rough I’ll go the seas floor
Because under the water you cant feel anything
In the vast ocean I’ll drift and float and swim
I’ll move oh so gracefully through the sea of blue

The sea is where I’m meant to be

Someday I may dream of land
And wade out of the ocean
I might live in a house on the beach
But I don’t think that will be soon

Because the sea is where I’m meant to be


In regards to love

Love. It is something so many of us obsess about whether we try to or not. And its not wrong it is something that is so deeply ingrained in human nature. It is something that can effect someone so negatively and so positively. We all spend so much time thinking about love in one way or another. And on that topic do people “fall in love” too easily. With the divorce rate in America at 41% I think you could rightfully say yes people do “fall in love” too easily. Not to mention all the 16 year old girls I constantly hear saying they are so in love with a boy they have been dating for two weeks. But that isn’t what I really want this blog to be about.

     Of course as a Christian I put God first. I believe love/marriage should always come second and should be greatly influenced by Him. But God also did not create man (or woman) to live alone. He made us in a way that we long for companionship. 

      Even though of course I have my own opinions I also have things I ponder. Is it wrong to always be looking for love? What standards should you have (I have my own standard written out so that I don’t get too easily swept away) Is it wrong to be so picky. Should one be more open and just wait for that one person that blows you away or is there even that person? Like in the movies when they touch and its like electricity. How much should you give up for love? Should you give up your dreams or goals? What if it isn’t even real? How much should you let physical attraction factor into it?

         I believe you should date to find the person you want to marry. Not just date for the fun of it (and sometimes not so fun) or because everyone else is dating someone. If I can’t see myself having a future with someone I really don’t desire to date them. (Of course I wouldn’t just judge a book by its cover I like to get to know someone first before I write them off.) Sometimes I feel like I am being too rational. But other times I know I’m not being rational enough. As a young adult I know I have plenty of time for love and finding the right person. But sometimes when I think about in how many years I would like to be married and then how short a year really is it can be very daunting. But I know better than to rush things and make a mistake.

     People love to love and be loved. Is that so wrong? Not always but sometimes it can certainly get you into trouble.

      I feel that if I stay on the right course that God wants me to take eventually the right person will find me. So right now I’m not going out of my way to look for Mr. Right (I’m young enough to have plenty of time anyway) But it also scares me to death sometimes that I wont find that person that is perfect for me or I wont know them when I find them. So I guess its conflict of what I know in my heart and what I’m feeling in my head (which often tries to get me in trouble).

     Love, its an important part of our lives. But it should never be rushed. Honestly I’m too young to have it all figured out. I know that. But I’m slowly learning and stumbling through important decisions that will impact the rest of my life and of course I want to choose wisely. I guess I’ll find out soon enough but for now I’m going to take and big breath and say “Holly don’t be scared. Everything will work out the way it needs to.”